5 Best Text Editors For Web Developer

1. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, also known as VS Code, is an open-source code editor by Microsoft. It is a cross-platform text editor that can run on any device, either on Linux, Windows, or Mac.

This text editor is focused on increasing the developer’s performance. Features like auto-completion, system debugging help to improve the developer’s daily tasks.

Of all the code editors on the list, it is probably the closest to being an IDE. Although it is compelling, it requires considerable time during start-up, which is the only cons of this text editor. However, while using it, VS Code is quick and able to handle quite a few exciting tasks, such as fast Git commits or opening and sorting through multiple folders’ worth of content.


VS Code has a built-in terminal and built-in Git support, making this text editor one of the best text editors in the market. It can be customized according to your need. Through VS Code extensions, you can install many features, and you can perform all the works that can be performed on an IDE.

2. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a lightweight application that makes it easier for the developers to work on it, and despite being lightweight, it is a lot lighter on the number of features it offers. It was majorly built with a Python API for the development teams who are slogging hours on coding all today.

It has several keyboard shortcuts, making it more flexible for the developer to use the different functions. It supports cross-platform integration and has been optimized for quick speed and easy to use interface. It is available for a free trial period


3. Atom

With Atom, you gain access to an open-source text editor with developers in mind. In fact, the creators of Atom state that they made it just for developers. Also, there’s a community of developers who contribute themes and plugins, much like WordPress or some other open-source tools. An experienced developer should have no problem working with Atom since it offers clean collaboration tools, a sleek editor, and some great organization tools for keeping your projects in check.

All of your projects can be shared and edited in real-time, helping out teams that are far away from each other or simply those teams that want a more dedicated workspace. Furthermore, Atom has a GitHub package already included with the text editor. This way, your team can create everything from branches to stages in one interface.

4. Brackets

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Brackets is an open source text editor that features inline editing, live previews, quick edits and live highlighting.

A host of extensions are available that add functionality such as indenting, Git integration, W3C validation and JavaScript, HTML and CSS formatting.




Notepad++ is an open-source and lightweight code editor. It is a Notepad replacement that supports several languages. It is straightforward to use, and it uses very little CPU power. The tools given in it are handy for web designers and front end developers.

Notepad++ offers syntax highlighting, auto-completion, color coding, line numbering, multi-document editing, and zoom in and out. It is available only on windows.

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